Bentonite Granule Cat Litter Natural 20 Ltr


Product Description
PET PERFECT 100% clumping natural cat litter is a complete range for your cats and kittens, it plus is specially designed to satisfy the natural needs of your cat where the litter is changed frequently. The odour binding litter with fine-pored hygiene granules soaks up liquid and keeps it noticeably clean. It is suitable for all phases of life including kittens as it doesn’t stick to the fur as easily as clumping litter. PET PERFECT is a caring expert for demanding cat hygiene for more than 30 years, it will energize them to have a cheerful day!

PET PERFECT 100% Natural Clumping Cat Litter – Also for Kittens
Clumping Cat Litter: PET PERFECT Clumping Cat Litter is specially designed for the natural needs of your cat.

Hygenic Solution: Maintains the litter habits & hygiene of your cat.

Made Naturally: The top quality cat litter is made from naturally occurring Calcium Bentonite.

Absorbs Odour: It reduces the presence of unpleasant odours.

Forms Well Defined Clumps: The clay particles quickly absorb moisture & form small well-defined clumps.

PET PERFECT Litter: Caring expert for demanding cat hygiene for more than 35 years.


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